Public Properties

  Name Description
Public property BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the tile images.
Public property ClientTimeout Gets and sets the time-out period (in minutes) that specifies how long to keep map tiles in the client's browser cache.
Public property CoordinateSystem Gets or sets the coordinate system.
Public property EnableClientCache Enables caching of map tiles in the client's browser cache.
Public property FontQuality Gets or sets the font rendering quality.
Public property FullExtent Gets the full spatial extent of the layers.
Public property ImageFormat Specifies the format of the tile images.
Public property ImageOpacity Returns or sets the opacity of the tile images (GIF/PNG).
Public property MaxDynamicCacheSize Specifies the maximum size of a dynamically generated tile cache in megabytes.
Public property OffscreenTiles Specifies the number of offscreen tiles (contiguous to the currently displayed tiles) which will be preloaded asynchronously.
Public property PixelPerInch This value represents the number of pixels per inch which is used to calculate the scale.
Public property SmoothingMode Gets or sets the line rendering quality.
Public property Static SyncRoot Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to a TileLayer.
Public property TileCacheDirectory Specifies the virtual directory to store the map tiles in.
Public property TileCacheMode Specifies the mode of server-side tile caching.
Public property TileSize Gets or sets the size of a tile in pixels (512 pixels by default, minimum size is 256 pixels).
Public property Unit Sets or returns the measure units of the TileLayer.

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