Represents a map tool button.

Namespace: AspMap.Web
Assembly: AspMapNET (in AspMapNET.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class MapToolButton
    Inherits Image
public class MapToolButton : Image
ref class MapToolButton : Image
public class MapToolButton extends Image
public class MapToolButton extends Image


A MapToolButton is associated with a Map control. Developers should associate a Map control with a MapToolButton by setting it's Map property.

Set the MapTool property of the MapToolButton control to an appropriate map tool.

The runtime behavior of the MapToolButton is simple. There are two border styles associated with a MapToolButton. The BorderStyle property represents the border of the MapToolButton when it is not selected and the SelectedBorderStyle property represents the border of the MapToolButton when it is selected. Initially the MapToolButton appears unselected, but when users click on it, it becomes selected. Then, the current tool of the Map control that the MapToolButton is pointing to becomes active and the appropriate operation on the Map control can be done.

Alternatively, the SelectedImageUrl property can be set to an image that represents the button in its selected state, while The ImageUrl property will represent the normal state of the button (the BorderStyle and SelectedBorderStyle properties should be set to None in that case).

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