Specifies the location of the images used by the zoom bar.

Namespace: AspMap.Web
Assembly: AspMapNET (in AspMapNET.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property ImagePath As String
public string ImagePath { get; set; }
public property string ImagePath sealed  {
    String get();
    void set(String value);
/** property */
public string get_ImagePath();

/** property */
public void set_ImagePath(string value);
public function get ImagePath() : String

public function set ImagePath(value : String);


If the value of this property is empty, the zoom bar control will use default images.

The ImagePath property specifies an optional virtual directory where the images of the zoom bar are stored. The images have hard-coded names, you can find them in the 'install path\IMAGES\ZoomBar' directory of AspMap. The default size of the button images is 18x18 pixels, the size of the zoom level and thumb images is 18x9 pixels. If you change the size of the images, specify a new size using the ButtonSize, LevelSize, ThumbSize properties.

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