Specifies a transportation mode (0 by default).

Namespace: AspMap
Assembly: AspMapNET (in AspMapNET.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property TransportationMode As Integer
public int TransportationMode { get; set; }
public property int TransportationMode sealed  {
    int get();
    void set(int value);
/** property */
public int get_TransportationMode();

/** property */
public void set_TransportationMode(int value);
public function get TransportationMode() : int

public function set TransportationMode(value : int);


The transportation mode is used to filter turn resrictions. For example, suppose the restrictions are defined as follows:

1. from="3081" to="3099" mode="0" 'no turn for all vehicles
2. from="2361" to="8453" mode="0" 'no turn for all vehicles
3. from="2957" to="3091" mode="2" 'no turn for trucks
4. from="5347" to="2367" mode="3" 'no turn for buses

If the TransportationMode is set to 0, the 3 and 4 restrictions will not be used in route calculations. If the TransportationMode is set to 2, the 1, 2 and 3 restrictions will be used.
The values from the TransportationMode enumeration can be used to specify the transportation mode, but any values are accepted (0 is a reserved value).

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